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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

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JUIC Co. Ltd. is a Japanese based company, established in 1970, producing a wide range of professional table tennis equipment to suit the needs of players at all skill levels. Although the JUIC brand is not as well known as some of the other big Japanese brands, their product range and quality is right up there among the best of them. They have also shown some true innovation over the years in the design and manufacturing of new products, some of which were true breakthroughs in technology. Below is an introduction of some of most popular and innovative JUIC products.

JUIC Blades

Starting at the offensive range of blades, the Air Series balsa blades are high speed, light weight blades, offering outstanding control and touch. JUIC carry the widest range of balsa wood blades, and use only high grade materials for the production of their blades. Probably the two most famous and highly in this series are the:

JUIC Air Texa, an OFF+ rated blade, weighing an impressive 72g, and consisting of a thick center layer of balsa combined with two layers of texalium and two layers Japanese Abachi wood. 

Then there's the JUIC Air-Large blade which is basically the new and improved version of the JUIC Air Carbon blade (which has been discontinued). This too is an OFF+ rated blade, weighing in at 75g, and consisting of a thick center layer of balsa combined with two layers carbon fibre and two layers Japanese Abachi wood. Both these blades have exceptionally soft feel due to the thick and soft inner balsa layer.

Then there is of course the JUIC KISO Hinoki blade, consisting of a single ply of high grade Japanese Hinoki wood. JUIC is one of the few companies that offer this type of blade with a shakehand handle. The power and feel of a one ply hinoki has be felt to be believed... it offers a soft touch and slow speed in the short part of the game, but can generate great power from mid- to far distance, and can still generate good spin for added control.

JUIC also have the unique and innovative JUIC Shot series of blades. The JUIC Bamboo Shot blade and JUIC Maple Shot blade are unique among all the table tennis blade manufacturers, and offer a unique feel of the ball not found in any other blades.

For a more allround style game, both the offensive and defensive players, it's hard go past the JUIC Texalium blade. This blade offers great touch and feel, and is a truly versatile blade. It offer enough power for an offensive style game, but still enough control and feel for a defensive or chopper's game. With the right choice of rubber this blade can be used for any style of play.

JUIC also offer blades for the truly defensive styles, such as the JUIC Euro Chopper blade. This is a huge oversize blade with a soft feel, offering chopper that extra reach and feel.


JUIC Rubbers:

Although JUIC offers a wide range of rubbers, suitable for all levels and style, they have some unique and innovative products that set them apart from other manufacturers.

The JUIC Couga rubber is almost certainly their most famous rubber. This rubber is without a doubt one of the fastest rubbers in the world, faster than many offensive rubbers even when they are speed glued! JUIC was one of the first (if not the very first) to introduce Nano-Tech technology in both the topsheet and sponge of the rubber. This technology offers much better grip, and a bog boost in speed but also in durability. More recently JUIC also introduces the JUIC Nano-Cannon, which also uses the same technology, but is designed and optimised to produce a sharp arch on loops, at very high speeds.

JUIC also offer a range of rubbers with high tension sponges, most notably the JUIC Varites and the Driva Smash Ultima rubber. The highly elastic sheet and high tension sponge provides a boost in both spin and speed, ideal for the highly offensive style players. This high tension ultima sponge also comes on a range of their short pimple rubbers, most notable the JUIC Offensive Ultima.


Another great JUIC innovation was to combine a tacky Chinese-style topsheet with a soft but powerful Japanese style sponge, like the JUIC Ultima sponges. The most highly regarded of these rubbers would be the JUIC 999 Elite Ultima, which uses a thin tacky topsheet ( based on the Globe 999 topsheet design) with the soft and powerful Ultima sponge.


For the defensive styles of play, JUIC offer the JUIC Neo Anti, and the JUIC Leggy Defense. The Neo Anti kills the spin and absorbs the power of any incoming attack, but unlike most other anti-spin rubbers, the elastic surface of the topsheet, and soft sponge still allows you to generate significant spin when you hit the ball harder...

The JUIC Leggy defense is very dangerous and deceptive long pimple rubber. The soft and grippy pimple combines with a soft sponge are great for chopping away from the table, providing great spin reversal and allowing highly deceptive manipulation of spin. The soft and grippy pimple also allow you to attack serves and provide good offensive potential close to the table.


JUIC Accessories:

Although JUIC provide a wide range of table tennis accessories, by far their most famous would have to be the JUIC Ecolo Expander. This is a rubber treatment liquid, that provides a boost in speed and power to virtually any rubber sheet with sponge. Not only is it totally toxic free, and will not be affected by up and coming speed glue ban, but treatment has to be done only once, the effect lasting for many months, which at higher levels is usually for the lifetime of the rubber. Now in it's 2nd generation, the much improved JUIC Ecolo Expander II is a true innovation in table tennis technology, and there is nothing else like it currently in the market. 

JUIC also provide the full range of cleaners and such which contain no volatile contents and can safely be sent via air.


For top quality Japanese table tennis equipment, JUIC is well worth considering. Prices are generally similar or lower than their other Japanese competitors, and you'll likely to find the JUIC products to be of equal or better performance.

One of a Kind Trading is JUIC distributor in Australia, carrying all the products mentioned above, plus more. The full range of JUIC products can be found on the JUIC Japan website.


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