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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Welcome to OOAK Reviews site!
The OOAK reviews website offers a vast number of table tennis equipment reviews and guides, to help you make an informed decision on the equipment you buy. It also features regular articles on a variety of topics of interest. Also check our new and revamped table tennis reviews site for some of the more recent reviews.

This site sponsors the diverse and active community, the OOAK Table Tennis forum. This forum has experienced huge growth to become one of the largest and most active table tennis forums on the net!

OOAK also runs an Australian based Table Tennis Shop, which sells a wide range of Chinese, Japanese and European rubbers and blades, and also are also experts for Custom table tennis bats. Read About Us to find out why we're not just another retailer but offer something special, and check out our product range and variety of table tennis brands.

 Latest OOAK Articles
NEW Avalox AVX blade overview and history - history of the Avalox & AVX brand and detailed descriptions and pictures of the full blade range.
Balsa table tennis blades - discusses the properties and popularity of balsa blades - May 2010
Grey Imports of Table Tennis Equipment - Are you getting what you paid for? - Mar 2010

Speed ratings of rubbers - discusses the confusion of rubber speed ratings - Jan 2010
Table tennis ball reviews and guide - ball making process, reviews and guide
Factory Tuned rubbers - What are they all about?
Making you own VOC based table tennis glue - can't buy it, make your own!
The single most important stroke in table tennis - what's the most important stroke?
Speedglue, Boosters / Tuners discussions with Adham Sharara - ITTF President

Blade making process - from tree to blade - Yin-he
Butterfly rubber and blade overview - Overview of the most popular and notable Butterfly rubbers and blades. Jul 08
Joola rubber and blade overview - Overview of the most popular and notable Butterfly rubbers and blades. Jul 08
   More Articles....
 Latest OOAK Guides

NEW! Table tennis robots - the ultimate guide! Robot basics, Robots - the greatest benefits, Choosing a table tennis robot, Free-standing versus fixed robots, Robot head: single-wheel versus dual-wheel, Robots - Programmable versus non-programmable, Robots - Generating spin, Robots - Practical considerations (ease of use, power, portability, reliability), Support (warrantee, maintenance, support)

NEW!  Re-impact Table Tennis Blades - read more about some of the most hi-tech blades currently on the market, and find out if they would suit you. Find out which model suits your style, and what rubber work best on each model.

Table tennis tables guide , Table sizes and specifications, Guide to choosing a table, Outdoor table tennis tables, Table tennis conversion tops, Most popular tables, Where to buy?, Table Tennis Table Reviews

NEW Avalox AVX blade overview and history - history of the Avalox & AVX brand and detailed descriptions and pictures of the full blade range.

 Latest OOAK reviews

Table tennis DVD reviews
Information and reviews on many of the table tennis coaching and matches DVDs.
Falco Tempo Long Booster Review
Detailed review of the latest table tennis booster/tuner, with a huge speed glue effect, virtually zero VOC content and an effect that last for many months!

Table tennis robots reviews
We have gathered a large collection of reviews on table tennis robots here since there appears to be a lot of interest. Latest additions are the AMDT TW 2700-08, AMDT TW-2700-S9, IPONG and Newgy Robo-Pong 540, 1040, 1050, 2040 and 2050
Smartpong vs Newgy 2050 comparison
We put the Smartpong and Newgy 2050 head to head, and compare the features and advantages of both.
NEW Palio THOR's Review  - They have finally done it - A tacky German TENSOR!
NEW Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX Review
- Detailed review of Butterfly's latest rubber Jun '10
NEW Dr Neubauer Anti Special review - best frictionless long pimple alternative so far?
NEW Andro Hexer Reviews - Detailed reviews of Andro Hexer, Hexer+ and Hexer Powersponge
NEW Yasaka Rakza 7 Review
- Detailed review of Yasaka's latest rubber Jun '10
AMDT TW-2700-S9 - Detailed review a new Dual Head robot! Jun '10
Killerspin Blast Review - Detailed review of the latest Killerspin rubber May '10
NEW Butterfly Spin Art Review
- Detailed review of Butterfly's latest rubber May '10
NEW Newgy 2050 programmable robot Review - May '10
Newgy 1050 programmable robot Review - May '10
NEW Butterfly Roundell Review - Detailed review of a new Butterfly rubber April '10
Stiga Syncro BTG Glue Review - Feb 09
Cornilleau Pilot Advance / Pilot Power review - Dec 09
IPONG / Joola TT Buddy Robot Review - Is this cheaper robot any good? Dec 09
NEW AMDT TW 2700 S9 robot - Details of this latest 2-head robot! Dec 09
NEW JUIC Air Condle review - review of latest JUIC rubber Oct 09
NEW Double Snakes FQJ-2 Review - review of a Double Snakes Robot Oct 09
Donic DL163 robot Review - review of the Donic Robot Oct 09
NEW Xiom Omega II review
- Powerlooper rubber from XIOM
Dr Evil revisited - How evil is Dr evil?
NEW Stiga Boost TC - recent glue effect rubber from Stiga
TTmaster Fireproof II Review - latest TTmaster long pimple rubber Jul 09
Giant Dragon Meteorite Review
- latest Giant Dragon long pimple rubber Jul 09
Killerspin rubber reviews
: Forza 4Z, Fortissimo and Nitrz 4Z Reviews Jul 09
Butterfly Tenergy 25 review
- review of latest Butterfly rubber Feb 09
Oukei AMDT TW2700-08 Robot review
  - Comprehensive review by Rich215 Feb 09
Dr Neubauer Anti Special review
- the best frictionless long pimple alternative so far? Jan 09
Schildkröt review - the secret chinese weapon uncovered? Jan 09
Joola Express One and Express two review - review of the 2 latest Joola Tensors
Butterfly Tenergy 64 review
- review of latest Butterfly rubber Oct 08
Avalox AVX Ma Wenge Carbon review
- review of one of the latest blades from Avalox/AVX used by Ma Wenge Aug 08
Hallmark Phoenix Review Hallmark strikes back after the ITTF ban on frictionless, and the Phoenix and Hallmark Mirage rise from the ashes!

Butterfly Tenergy 05 review Detailed review and further information on this latest rubber from Butterfly.
Donic JO Coppa Platin / Soft Review Review on this latest Tensor rubber from Donic
DHS Aqua VOC free glue Review A cheaper and VOC free normal glue
Butterfly blade reviews - section updated
Table Tennis balls - reviews and manufacturing process
Joola Rubber reviews; Mambo H, Joola Air! Rosnet, Energy X-tra

Latest additions/reviews:

Giant Dragon Tai-Chi, Donic Vario Bigslam, Donic Coppa Speed, Donic Baracuda, Butterfly Roundell, Tibhar Nianmor, Ando Roxon 450, Andro Roxon 500, Stiga Boost TP, STiga Boost TC, Yasaka Pryde, Yasaka Ma Lin carbon, Yasaka Mark V, Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D, Yasaka Xtend, Yasaka V-Stage, Joola Drum CWX, Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit, Joola Octopus, Joola K5, Joola Razor, Joola Snabb, Joola Kool, Joola MC1, Joola Express One, Joola Express Two, Joola R*1, Butterfly Bryce Speed, Butterfly Bryce Speed FX, Butterfly Michael Maze, Butterfly Balsa Carbo, XIOM Ignito, XIOM Amadeus, Nittaku Hammond X.
 Latest OOAK Shop Information:
NEW!  OOAK Shop articles and guides, to help you make a better and informed decision on the equipment you wish to purchase. Latest articles include:


NEW! :cheers:OOAK shop is now authorised Butterfly distributor for South Australia! Some of the more popular items will be held in stock, but most other items can be ordered in upon request.
NEW! :cheers:OOAK shop is now the official Darker table tennis blades distributor for Australia! Darker are Japanese master craftsmen who produce premium quality Kiso Hinoki blades, including several 1-ply blades like the Darker speed 90 and Darker Tanban, and popular 5P-2A and 7P-2A.
NEW! :cheers:OOAK store has been appointed the distributor for Newgy table tennis robots in Australia! We will carry the full range of Newgy robot and accessories. Newgy robots have a great reputation for quality, reliable and support, and are by far the best selling robots in Australia and world wide.
NEW! :cheers:Finally the OOAK store can now offer Stiga table tennis tables  We are now an authorised Stiga table seller, and can supply most of the Stiga Indoor tables and outdoor tables, and arrange delivery right to your doorstep!
NEW! OOAK Table Tennis TEAM Shirts!
OOAK has just released their new OOAK TEAM shirts, in a range of sizes and made from quality light-weight material! It features the OOAK logo, and some cool graphics, unique to table tennis.
Avalox Blades New range of world class hi-tech Avalox / AVX blades! OOAK has become the sole distributor for Avalox / AVX equipment, so look out for a range of high quality equipment, used by many Chinese National players and several former world Champions!
TSP Reflex 50 Award Defensive - World class defender blade.
NEW! Textbook Table Tennis DVD - Brian Pace's, high quality production Aug 09
Serving secrets revealed DVD - Coaching DVD on serves - sneak preview included
Australian 5DVD sets - Greg Letts' quality videos of the main matches
SPINMAX Aqueous New water based version of SPINMAX
Globe 999 National version Special Globe 999 version used by Chinese national players.
 Video clip: Great counter attacking ralleys!

Click here for some more great table tennis video clips


 About this website:

This Table Tennis Equipment Review Website is designed to give you enough advice about equipment to help you make an informed decision on what you purchase for this great sport of ours. We include ratings and reviews collected from many sources on the internet for most items. Since reviews on Chinese table tennis equipment are quite rare, we have been reviewing them ourselves, and along with many other reviews and comments from other places on the internet, we have organised them here in one place. This will hopefully support this great sport of ours! We also now have table tennis coaching videos and articles and other table tennis tips

Our table tennis equipment ONLINE Shop has been selling gear for many years now. We offer a large range of rubbers, i.e.  inverted rubber, short pimple rubber, medium pimple, and long pimple rubber, sponges and topsheets. We offer blades in many different technologies, i.e.. wood, glass fiber, carbon fibre, arylate carbon, crystal carbon in both Shakehand blade and Penhold blade (Chinese or Japanese). We also offer many other accessories like speed glue, normal glue, bat covers, edge tape, rubber protection sheets, balls, nets and many others. We offer a good range of cheap but high quality Premade Bats and also offer a range of custom designed combinations of rubbers and blades, to suit particular styles. We are more than happy to answer any of your question, and can offer professional advice for designing bats to suit your particular level and style. Our range includes all of the top Chinese brands, European brand Donic and some of the top Japanese brands like JUIC and TSP as well. We have also recently added a range of table tennis DVDs

One of a Kind Trading are fully authorised distributors / dealers for the brands: Butterfly, JUIC, TSP, Donic, Avalox AVX, Hallmark, TTMaster, Kokutaku / Tulpe, Friendship 729, LKT, Double Happiness (DHS), Globe, Galaxy Yin-He, Stiga Tables and Berenger Falco

If you're after quality and affordable table tennis equipment, give us a go, you won't be disappointed!


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