LKT Glass Power
Blue Thunder Glass Fibre Blade
729 Bomb
LKT 9010 Carbon
Two Speed Carbon
Black Whirlwind Transformer
8040 Carbon
LKT WIll Power
Hinoki Carbon
LKT Ayous Hinoki
Hao Shuai Champion Carbon Blade
Toxic 3
Toxic 5
Black Whirlwind
Mind Game Pengrip


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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 729 Friendship / LKT blade reviews:

729 Friendship RITC (also known as 'Tianjin Golden Friendship Rubber Products Development Co.Ltd.'):
One of the Giants of Chinese table tennis equipment, manufacturers the full range of quality equipment including rubbers, blades, pre-made bats and accessories. It has contributed to the glories of many Chinese world champions, such as the earlier champion, Xi Enting, Deng Yaping, and the more recent Wang Nan.

In recent years this company has had renewed focus on it's export market, and has improved it's quality control enormously. It's come up with a new range of products suited more to the euro styles of play, as compared to the traditional Chinese equipment. Blades have become lighter and hi-tech, rubbers are lighter with softer sponges with a huge range of products meeting the demands of most styles of play.

NOTE: Some of the manufacturer ratings below are out of 10, and some are out of 12.


729 Friendship blade reviews
LKT Glass PowerOFF8+~77gJ-pen blade
Hao Shuai Champion CarbonOFF+ 10 82g High quality carbon blade, high grade carbon on 1 side, ayous & Hinoki inner layers
LKT Ayous HinokiOFF-9++84gOFF- Blade with outstanding feel and touch.
Blue Thunder LKTOFF+ 10986gAwesome speed from mid-distance, Glass fiber, wood-like feel, transformer, springy and great for mid-distance looping.
LKT Will PowerOFF 10-8+87gArylate carbon blade, high speed carbon with vibration dampening of arylate
LKT ONEOFF+ 94gNEW FAST and HIGH QUALITY, Unique, 1-ply Ayous Wood Japanese Pengrip Blade
729 8030 CarbonOFF9++85gHigh power Carbon blade, supposedly Butterfly SARDIUS clone.
LKT 9010 Carbon TransformerOFF+ 9++9+87gCarbon Fiber, very fast, amazing feel, transformer, very popular!
Two Speed CarbonOFF 9++8+84gVery fast one side, best control other side
729 BombOFF 8++1085gVery fast with amazing control and feel with balsa wood and cork for mid-distance kick. Very popular even at high levels.
729 6030OFF 99+82gFast lightweight blade with excellent feel and control. Uses high grade softwood.
729 80409+/99/9++90gFast carbon blade with Strong carbon on FH and thinner carbon on BH ideal for blocking
Black whirlwind TransformerDEF+ ALL+ 79++87gExtremely well balanced, good speed, ultimate control. Transformer adjustment to set speed.
Black WhirlwindALL9+++88gExtremely well balanced, good speed, ultimate control.
LKT INSTINCTOFF- 855 veneer, latest blade for controlled attack
LKT INSTINCT+OFF- 857 veneer, latest blade for controlled attack
LKT Mind Game9883gPengrip Attack style blade, medium feel, good control. Very similar to Butterfly 'Chinese Real' blade.
LKT Pro XC7++984gBalsa Core eXtra Control blade, transformer.
LKT Pro XF9+888gBalsa Care eXtra Fast blade, transformer
Toxic 5 Tactical bladeALL-10+84gGreat defensive blade, fat & low sweet spot, tactical notches in handle, huge dwell time
Toxic 3 Tactical bladeDEF-10+75gGreat defensive blade, fat & low sweet spot, tactical notches in handle, huge dwell time
729 HinokiOFF 99+84gFast blade with BALSA core and high grade hinoki outer plies.
729 Hinoki CarbonOFF+ 9++9-85gVery Fast blade 2 plies of high grade carbon, with BALSA core and high grade hinoki outer plies.

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