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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table tennis Robots - The Ultimate Guide!


Note: Information in this guide will continue to be added as the table tennis community shares their experiences with others, and allow us to include it in this guide. So if you've used a robot, please share your experience and allow us to add your comments into this guide, so that others can benefit from your experience.


 Robot Warrantee and maintenance:

Warrantees / repairs:

Buying a robot can be a significant investment, so going through the exercise of checking that the warrantee is worth the paper it's written on, is well worthwhile. There are 3 mains costs associated with repairs or replacement of parts of the robot:

  • Parts
  • Handling and repairs
  • Shipping costs of both the faulty part (if required) and the replacement.

If you have any concerns about warrantees at all, you must make sure the supplier is reputable, and will still likely be around within the next few year when you may need to make a claim. Even beyond the warrantee period, you should make sure replacement part and/or repair facilities will be available.

Now suppliers can make you all the promises in the world, but until you actually make a claim, you won't know if they'll honour their promises, and more importantly, whether they'll do it in a timely and professional manner. Try and get some feedback from users that have actually made a claim, as this is far more useful than what's actually written in the warrantee paperwork! The larger and better known suppliers tend to worry a lot more about their reputation, so there is further incentive for them to do the right thing by customers to retain their good name. So don't try and save a few extra dollars by going through an unknown supplier... it's not worth the risk and worries for an investment this size...

On a more positive note, the quality of robots has improved on the years, and more importantly, most are designed with repairs in mind, so that repairs can often be carried out by the user, simply by replacing the faulty part once identified. A reputable supplier will help you identify which part is likely to be faulty, and will tell you how you can replace it yourself, as it's in no-one's interest to have to ship the whole robot back to the supplier.

A warrantee period of at least 1 year is reasonable and should be expected. Anything longer than that is a bonus, and availability of parts becomes more important. It's reasonable to expect a lifetime of at least 5 years out of a robot, so this is the time period you need to look at for parts availability. Most robot parts are actually quite simply and low cost, so have to pay a few small costs to maintain the robot is not a big deal.

Manufacturers may bring out new models all the time, but unless theu continue to support parts for the old models, you are risking getting stuck with a robot that cannot be repaired. Remember that warrantees and the availability of parts is a real cost to manufacturers/suppliers, so you should expect to pay a little extra for this support. Manufacturer/suppliers that do not factor in costs of warrantee and parts, and discount just for a quick sale, may not be around for very long... If they go under, they'll still have you money, and you'll end up with a robot that is no longer supported or can be repaired.


To be honest, most robots need very little maintenance, so this is not such a big issue. Keeping the floor clean can be quite helpful, as this keeps the balls free of dust as they fall on the floor, stopping the dust from getting into the robot.

The throwing wheels are probably the main items that need a regular clean, which can usually be done quite easily with a damp cloth.

Most robots can quite easily be opened up, so that a quick clean with the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from inside is relatively easy as well.


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