729 Lightning
729-2 NEW
Cream MRS
SP Transcend
729-3 Japanese
729 Higher III
Focus I
729 Cream Transcend
RITC 563
RITC 799
729-2 Cross
RITC 755
729-40H Leopard
729 FX Super Soft
Geospin Tacky
729 FX Blue Sponge
Super 729 FX
RITC 2000 Tack Speed
729-2 HRS
729 Cream Japanese Sponge
729 Faster German Sponge
RITC 837 Tack Speed
729FX Cross
729-40S Leopard
804 Anti-Spin
388A-4 Sprungfeder
Xi Enting
729 Faster
729 Higher
729-3 Transcend
Dr Evil
755 Faster
Faster III
Focus II
LKT Torrent
God Favored
729 Focus III


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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 729 Friendship table tennis rubber reviews:

729 Friendship RITC (also known as 'Tianjin Golden Friendship Rubber Products Development Co.Ltd.'):
One of the Giants of Chinese table tennis equipment, manufacturers the full range of quality equipment including rubbers, blades, pre-made bats and accessories. It has contributed to the glories of many Chinese world champions, such as the earlier champion, Xi Enting, Deng Yaping, and the more recent Wang Nan.

In recent years this company has had renewed focus on it's export market, and has improved it's quality control enormously. It's come up with a new range of products suited more to the euro styles of play, as compared to the traditional Chinese equipment. Blades have become lighter and hi-tech, rubbers are lighter with softer sponges with a huge range of products meeting the demands of most styles of play.

NOTE: Some of the manufacturer ratings below are out of 10, and some are out of 12.


LKT Rapid Soft 8/10 9/10 10/10 New Rapid series from LKT with soft sponge.
LKT Torrent121112 One of the latest LKT rubber with E.G.S. for max performance without speed glue
729 Lightning91112Outstanding rubber for spin and control
NEW 729-2121110New 729-2, greatly improved rubber
God Favored121211Faster more powerful version of SST cross
Cream MRS9++9++9Special line from 729 with outstanding speed, spin and control combination!
Dr Evil759A unique short-medium pimpled rubber with no sponge (OX), with antispin properties. 
802-40 Special Super Soft Pro Version12811A very spinny short pimpled rubber, with wide, rough and conical shaped pimples on a soft 35deg sponge.
LKT Pro XP121111Latest for 2006. Light, high speed, very soft sponge.
LKT Pro XT101212Latest for 2006. Light, fast & spinny, very soft sponge.
HIGHPOINT121212Latest for 2006. German made Tensor, very similar to Donic Desto F2.
729 FOCUS I101212Latest for 2006. Fast highly elastic, great for mid-distance looping.
729 FOCUS II121110Faster version of Focus I, powerful and spinny looping rubber.
729 FOCUS III 12 11 11 Same great elastic topsheet but with soft Japanese sponge
729 Higher Transcend101212New TENSION rubber, highly elastic, huge spin, fast.
729 Higher II Jap Sponge121212Similar to Higher but with a faster Japanese sponge
729 Higher III Jap Sponge111212Similar to Higher but with a faster Japanese sponge
729 Faster Transcend121111NEW, very fast attacking rubber, lighter and faster.
729 Faster II Ger Sponge121211Similar to Faster but with a faster German sponge
729 Faster III Ger Sponge121212Similar to Faster but with a faster German sponge
729 Cream Transcend111111Great touch, great spin, good speed  
SP Transcend111212Great attacking power with Ultra tacky topsheet.
729-3 Transcend111011Great attacking power, good for loop and smash.
RITC 563-1778Deceptive, medium pimples, for offensive style, improved version 
RITC 2000 MRS9++9++9Very fast, very spinny, good control  
729 Cream Topsheet99++9+Great touch, great spin, good speed  
Xi Enting 999Top 729 topsheet with soft Japanese sponge for great feel and control
MRS Sponge   Adds explosive power to any topsheet. 
Reactor Sponge   Ultra light, Super Soft sponge, 35 deg.


Name: Speed Spin Control Comment
729-40H Leopard 100 92 83 Fast hard rubber
729 Faster German Sponge 100 92 92 Fast and spinny yet good control
729-40S Leopard 83 92 100 Fast, spinny, soft rubber with amazing  control
729-3  Jap Sponge 9+++99 Very high speed, high dwell time rubber. Great for loop & loop kill
729-2 with HRS Sponge 9++ 9 9 Fast, still spinny, good control
729 FX Blue HRS Sponge 9+ 9+++ 9 Same as 729 FX but with faster sponge
RITC 2000 HRS 9+ 9+ 9+ Very fast, very spinny, good control
729 Cream Jap Sponge 9 9++ 9+ Great touch, great spin, good speed
Geospin Tacky 9 10 9+++ The Ultimate in spin! Great control too
729 FX Super Soft 9 9+++ 9++ Ultra light, super touch, very spinny
Super 729 FX 9- 9+++ 9++ Great spin, good all-round
804 Anti-Spin 5 1 10++ Anti spin rubber
RITC 802 9+++ 7 8 Ultra fast, great hitting short pimples. Pips are short and spinny.
RITC 799 9+++ 7 9 Very fast, flexible short pimples. Less spinny than 802, but better at hitting through spin.
RITC 563 7 7 8 Deceptive, medium pimples, for offensive style
RITC 837 7 6++ 7 Deceptive, 'easy to use' long pimples, good control.
RITC 755 6+ 6 7 Very deceptive, long pimples, good spin reversal
RITC 755 Faster978 Faster version of 755 with German sponge, for attack.

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